Cassey gets Slashy ///


Buf Girls lead trainer Cassey is one of my favourites because of her energy, incredible attitude, and her exponential amount of smiles.

after a recent fitness date, We stood in a dingy alleyway, had a chat, and took some pics, and she made that dingy alleyway shine like it had never shone before. ever.

proud to call her my friend, here are some thoughts we shared below. 


A Misconception you had about fitness before you got into it - Go!

That I needed to train hard everyday to be fit and lean…! It’s amazing how hard I pushed myself everyday when I first got into the industry, with high intensity classes everyday after teaching high energy sessions all morning, minimal rest and little to no self care. Oh, how I was wrong! This actually damaged my body, made me put on weight and burn out!
I now have found a happy balance between HIIT and slow movement without feeling guilty and my body has never looked or felt better!!! I now include meditation into my day and take ‘time out’ just for me. That could be a walk in the sunshine post lunch, a massage, a phone chat with my bestie…something that makes my heart SING!


A misconception people have had about you as a fitness trainer - Go!

That I’m an easy trainer… a bit of a pushover! I may be a blonde haired female in the fitness industry BUT I will make you work hard… and guess what? I’ll do it all with a massive big smile on my face! Hence the name… SMILING ASSASIN!


Do you keep it slashy?

Hells YES! I’m a bit of a performer at heart… I love to dance up a storm and DJ (well at least get behind the booth) on weekends. Nothing better than margaritas on the D-floor on a Sat night with my crew.


An exercise you love doing because it reminds you of/and/or empowers you to do something you do in real life?

Anything that involves the booty so I can shake it on the D floor… squats, hip raises, deadlifts! The list is endless!!!

a time exercise helped you achieve a non-fitness goal?

Being a demon in the bedroom… too much info?

... Not at all ;)


Things that make you feel like you shine - GO!


1. Being on stage taking a massive group of girls through a sweaty, fun workout to epic tunes.
2. Being with my girl gang
3. Getting on the D floor
4. Being in the kitchen cooking with my man

When someone trains with you, what's the message you try to impart with them?

Focus on the way you feel rather than the way you look. Women these days are SO hard on themselves to be a certain weight, get abs, get skinnier legs, and basically try and look like someone they follow on insta. We need to all learn to just be happy being us. We are all beautiful, sexy, and amazing in our own unique ways. AND to have FUN!!! Don’t see fitness as a chore, instead find a way you love to move and do that!


Here’s a cheeky question to test our friendship, do you remember meeting me? Because I remember meeting you haha…

Yes of course I do!!! It was at AGOGA. You came in to do a class with Dena. I remember you being the sweetest little blondie who was so polite and super fit!


phew! you remembered! urgh, dena, can't get away from that girl! ;)

Keen for our next fitness date!xx


Maryellen George